The aim of this exercise is to devise a particular workflow. The difference is that the assignment should be unstructured and open-ended. Well, I had thought I would use street photography for this exercise, but unfortunately it was raining and I got lazy. I thought of doing something which was pending for a long time. Last few months I had a concept of experimenting with shapes and textures. Just by the thought of implementing the idea, suddenly my laziness turned into excitement. I thought this concept will work well with this exercise because of the following reasons:

This was an experiment so I could not have anticipated any problems in advance.

  • It required different preparation.
  • I could not have structured the number of clicks.
  • I had to keep shooting till I achieved satisfying results.
  • The whole photo-shoot was at least going to take 2.5 days.

Normally even on travel, I always have my laptop and other devices with me. Hence the workflow is not too different. In fact I feel during my travel I find more time than when I am at home.

Let me start explaining, how exactly the exercise progressed. Just like last time the process was divided in 3 parts

  • Pre photo-shoot
  • During the photo-shoot
  • After the photo-shoot

1. Pre photo-shoot

Unlike the earlier shoot this time the pre-shoot preparation was bit extensive.

I made the light box/light tent using the tutorial available at the following link DPS. While going through the above things, I simultaneously worked on the regular workflow.


Now I was ready to turn my ideas into reality.

2. During the Shoot
As I was very clear about the ideas, it was easy to capture the final images. For this exercise, I have used Nikon D300s, Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 lens and a Manfrotto tripod. The flow chart below explains my approach during the shoot.


This process took me more than 5 hours, resulting in a sore back. However, all the complains vanished the moment I saw the results. I really wanted to transfer the images and start the post processing but had to take a break. At this moment I realised, what Davis Präkel mentioned in his book “The fundamentals of Creative Photography” is right. According to him, “Capture is probably the most straightforward part of the workflow, but it is where the photographer’s technical knowledge and creativity comes together”.

3. After the photo-Shoot

At night I got back to transferring the images. With a promise to myself, that I will only transfer the images and not edit them, I started the processes. I followed the workflow till the step 5. Although I was very tempted, I kept my promised and went to sleep.

1. Transfer the images


2. Import the images to LR3

3. Pre-edit selection

4. Remove (Not delete) unwanted images for LR3

5. Sort the images by assigning 1, 2 or 3 stars

  • 1 star – revisit the images for second review
  • 2 stars – potentially good images
  • 3 stars – very good images

Next morning I woke up early. After sending my kids to school I sat for editing the images. I was really happy with what I had visualised and executed.

6. Edit the images (starting with the 3 stars first)

7. Final selection, and assigning 5 stars to the selected images.

8. Take a back up

9. Upload the image to the web. While uploading I also choose the option “Sharpen the image for the screen”

10. Market the images through social media

Final Images





Image to re-shoot

I would like to re-shoot this image as I am not happy with the result. I do not like the way the close up image on the left has turned out. It lacks in aesthetic values and composition.

Image to discard

This image is way too substandard compared to others. Hence I would not be using it. This image shows how concentration and creativity reduces when you are tired.



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