Calibrating the monitor

Exercise 12 briefly mentions about monitor calibration. Monitor calibration is a very important part of photography or any other designing. I had realised the need for calibration around a year back. I was getting some photographs printed. The colours on my screen and on the screen of the guy, helping me with the printing, looked somewhat different. This printer is one of the best in Singapore. I knew I would be visiting him on the regular basis. Hence, I decided to calibrate the screen. On his recommendation, I bought Spyder 3 Elite
Datacolor – Spyder 3 Elite. The process of calibrating the screen was very easy. Thankfully the difference in before/after was not too drastic. However, that little difference was also quite important. Anyone bit finicky about their colour tones would love Spyder 3 Elite
Datacolor – Spyder 3 Elite. There are plenty of similar products available in the market to suite individual needs of the users.

To see detailed information about Datacolor – Spyder 3 Elite visit the link mentioned below.

Recently I also watched a video explaining the need of the calibration.


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