How to make your web images pop

I recently saw this video on Photoshelter where Kristina Sherk  a Washington DC-based image retoucher, photographer, photo assistant, production manager talks about how she makes her photographs look much better than some of the other photographs present on the web. Surely it is an interesting talk.

Last year I had attended a workshop by Manny Librodo (Manuel Libres Librodo Jr.). Definitely a different style, than what I normally do. I thought this workshop might teach me how to use the light (natural and artificial). Then I can apply newly acquired knowledge in my travel photography.

Well I did learn many new things, but they were more about post processing in Photoshop than about the use of light. Was I disappointed? Yes and No. “Yes” because my expectations were not met about using the natural light while photographing, and “No” because I could get a glimpse of how the fashion photography is done. The techniques that Kristina Shrek has mentioned are just a fraction of what I had done in the above-mentioned workshop. Whenever I come across such techniques, I start debating (with myself) about, till what extend the enhancement in a photograph is acceptable to me.

I guess at this point one has to make a decision about what area of photography one would like to follow. Ultimately depending on the demands of the industry the photograph needs to be processed. Again here one has a choice of keeping the photograph as an object of art or look at it from a commercial point of view. I would say it is a choice between reality and the imagination / perception. The more and more I think about my style, I feel I would like to stick to simplicity and originality. I rather spend time on the field than in front of the computer. I prefer enhancing the image and not manipulation.

Please check out some of the fashion photography images that I had created during the workshop. The images are highly processed in Photoshop CS4. For more images, please visit the following link

Fashion Photos-6.jpg

Fashion Photos-5.jpg

Image (1 of 3).jpg


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