Marc Silber Visits Ansel Adams’ Home and Darkroom | SilberStudios

10 Feb. 2012 < oom/> This is the extended version of Mark Silber’s visit to Ansel Adams’ home and darkroom. You’ll hear his son Michael talk about some of Ansel’s most iconic images, including the breakthrough he had when he first visualized the image of Half Dome. This led to the development of his unique and masterful style. You’ll also see much more of his darkroom and hear about how Ansel worked and see the darkroom he custom built, like none on earth. Join Mark Silber now for this rare, behind the scenes look.

I definitely did not have any exposure on, how the images were developed in the darkroom. After seeing this video it makes me appreciate the pre-digital photography much more. I was always in awe with Ansel Adam’s work. After getting a glimpse of how he developed his work it makes me appreciate his art much more.

I am not sure how I would have reacted to photography, if I were born pre-digital age. I surely prefer Lightroom 3 and alike for processing then being in a darkroom. What inspires me is in spite of having so many constrains and challenges nothing could stop these great artists from expressing their ideas. Now it is up to me how I used the advantage of the digital world for my benefit. I am thankful that I have joined OCA. The course is surely making me think and research a lot about what I do and how I would like to shape my future in photography.


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