Preparation of the Assignment 3


I am so undecided…. Prior to an assignment submission, I have so many ideas. Funnily I get these ideas through out the day, towards the end of the day after brainstorming and debating (in my head), I reach a conclusion and next morning it is another idea.

After eliminating many ideas, I am listing down few that I think will be good for this assignment. I think few more days of brainstorming and sharing the idea might help me to reach a conclusion.

  • Automobile
  • Water
  • Seascapes
  • Abstract
  • Architecture
  • Portraits
  • Sri Lanka

At the moment I am feeling more inclined towards Seascape, Automobile or Architecture. On the other hand I feel I should leave the seascape or landscape for the level 4 courses. Architecture I had used for the last assignment, of course for this assignment the kind or shots and the architecture, I have in mind is very different from the earlier one. When it come to automobile, well I have never tried it so really not sure how well I will be able to execute.


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