Selecting the topic for the assignment 3

As mentioned in my earlier post, I was very confusion regarding the topic for the Assignment 3. I decided to ask my tutor. He gave me some very valuable inputs. He explained why the subjects like automobile or architecture might not be suitable for the assignment. As the assignment 3 specifically asks us to look for the tonal contrast and textures. He was ok with the landscape / seascape. However, I wanted to keep those subjects for the “Level 4” modules. Hence, I decided reserve them for later. During the discussion, he mentioned why don’t I try to concentrate on street photography. It is something that I have yet not covered in any of the exercises or assignments. I instantly liked the suggestion and felt energetic about the idea. Now the question is, shall I take these shots in Singapore? Or shall I address the subject when I am in Sri Lanka during beginning on March?

If I think objectively capturing these shots in singapore will be wiser, as this is my base. For some reason, if I have to redo the shot it would be easier to revisit the location. So now I need to start planning the shots, and the theme for the street photography.


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