Digital post processing and ethical choices

Before I start with the exercise 21, I need to empty my thought about the different articles I had been reading on the web, regarding the digital manipulation ethics. Well each of them talks about, how industry specific the ethical choices can be. Does that mean (while following the rules) a photographer is getting stereotyped? If that is not the case then, how is a photographer going to be unbiased about the processing? E.g. imagine for years, I am practicing type of photography where touching up the skin tone or removing few blemishes and wrinkles is quite acceptable. Now, I click a photograph that is a record of some event. Can I be sure of not going overboard while processing the image? That means I will have to depend on the guidelines given by specific industry. And the industry is the one to decide if that image will be used or not.

To me intervention in moderation is very important. Read the article linked to understand the different level of intervention involved in the digital photography. I found many of these processing results very amateurish. However, it does make a point that having a clear understanding of when to stop is very essential.

Digital area of photography has given birth to flourishing re-touching industry. Retouching experts like Patrick Witty knows the fine line between the appropriate and inappropriate intervention. Unfortunately, there are many professional and amateur photographers who are not aware, and that is a cause of concern.

If I leave the commercial aspect aside and consider photography as an art, then I guess personal choice comes in the picture. I do not mind post processing the image to enhance the reality. Neither I mind creating completely surrealistic pictures. I start fighting with my thoughts when I see some work that is far from the truth while claiming that it is portraying reality. That is not right that is fooling people.


2 thoughts on “Digital post processing and ethical choices

  1. Hi Madhvee

    Thanks for the link, it is an interesting read and some of the links from then on are also good.

    I wrote a little about this a while back; and have posted the links for you. Hopefully, you might find something of interest in them:


  2. Despite checking this blog multiple times every day, i have yet to post here, but I just have to say thank you for answering all the questions that the reporter failed to do, in addition to providing links so that we can look it up ourselves. Another excellent post by you guys to keep us coming back =)

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