Assignment 3: Critical appraisal of the feedback

I had a lot of fun working on the assignment 3, and the hard work has paid off. Feedback, I received from the tutor was very positive and very encouraging. My tutor  has provided his valuable comments on all the 9 images, and there are some over all comments. Some of the points raised by him are very interesting. It will not only help me to better the images, but it also provides me directions to research more. The details of the feedback could be seen in the document attached above. I would like to counter explain some of the points mentioned by my tutor. This will help in analysing the photographs better.

Image 1: I agree that I should have mentioned the absence of a tripod. I felt, the candid moments on the street were more appropriately capture without the tripod. Though tripod can eliminate the camera shake, it can also act as a distraction in street photography. People surely do get more conscious, and that would make me miss the candid moment. Hence, the way my tutor said, I decide the style over technical consideration.

The aspect ratio of the image has not been altered here. However, to correct the horizontal alignment, I have rotated and cropped the image a bit.

Image 2: Here is a comparison between two images. I had cloned out the flags hanging from the top, in the photograph summited for the assignment. As per my tutor’s suggestion I am attaching the “Before” and “After” here.

Before After
a2 a1

After the assignment 3, I have worked on all the exercise of part 4. I have reached a conclusion that such modifications are not my cup of tea. I actually prefer the “Before” version for this. Not including top part in the composition of course is one legitimate option. But that way, I would have lost the play of light and shadow in and around the ceiling area.

This was a straight on shot. I had observed the pattern people were forming. From this angle, the lines and shapes were very visible. The contrast of dark clothes against the light coloured wall was standing out. I was happy that the camera was capturing what I had visualised.

Image 3: Feedback suggests may be slight rotation of the image to align the water edge to horizon level. I tried implementing this. However, that did not do justice to the image. As it is a very minor correction, I feel I would like to leave the image in its current state.

Image 4: I agree with the comment about the crop and the burn. I have rectified both the things and posting the comparison below:

Before After
b2 b1

Just as I had thought, my tutor also found the white paper bag distracting. However, with basic and local adjustment this is the maximum I could achieve. Beyond this, it is introducing abrasions. Of course, I can import the image in CS 4 and do magic. However, I am reluctant to go down that path.

Image 5: This was a very spontaneous image. I reached the scene and saw the little girl in the window and the man in the background. It was an instant composition in my head. I was still setting the camera, and the elder girl on the left passed from there, to support the visualization. However, all the things happened so fast that I did not get a chance to think of the horizontal or vertical alignment. After this shot, neither the little girl in the window nor the man in the background was standing in that position. That had weakened the composition.

As per the feedback, if I try to rotate the image to get the horizon right, then the image is getting cropped (as I am not willing to change the aspect ratio). More over I feel, as it is the image is pretty strong. Hence, I would not meddle it, any further.

Image 6: The image surely could have looked better without the rectangle in the background. Must confess, I noticed the rectangle only when my tutor mentioned it. Surely I would keep this point in mind for my future attempts, in such a situation.

Image 7: Definitely, getting closer to the subject was my intention too. However, they woke up, and I had lost all my chances. I would like to admit; this image and the napping people have given me some ideas that I would be implementing in my future personal project.

Image 8: Besides the point mentioned in the earlier comment, regarding avoiding the tripod, another reason was to be consistent in my approach. Definitely, a point to consider in other situation.

I completely agree with the other comment about the stalls being too dark on the right hand side. I have tried retrieving the details be dodging and burning see the images below for comparison.

Before After
c2 c1

Image 9: I agree with the feedback. I also had the same feeling. However, that is the challenging part of street photography. You are presented with the opportunity just for a very brief period, and that your chance. That was the case in this situation too. I will try to be more observant and quick in future.

Other comments:

I will also try to expand and talk about the strength and weaknesses of the images on the blog and include small images to illustrate other crop or compositional possibilities.

Assignment 3


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