Assignment 4 thoughts

It has been quite some time that I have posted anything on my blog here. My last article was around 3 weeks back, after that I had been in and out of Singapore and to top it up my kids also had their Easter break. 3 weeks include a trip to India and then a family holiday in Koh Samui. Everything put together I got bit distracted. Prior to my holiday, I had finished all the excises for the part 4: Reality and intervention. Now I was supposed to decide the subject/idea for the assignment 4. To begin with, I had many ideas, and I wasn’t sure which one to execute. Method of systematic elimination has helped me to reach a final decision for the assignment. I thought it would be apt to update the blog with my brainstorming details. The whole process lasted for 3-4 weeks.

I really wanted to maintain the balance between reality and fake. There are many choices, and the scope for creativity is also vast. However, I plan not to allow Photoshop to over power the photography. I also thought of using a shot from my Manny Librodo workshop last year. Though, decided against it, as one of the requirements is to take fresh shots specifically for this assignment.

(Just a thought) If time permits, it might not be a bad idea to use one of the images from the archives and have a fashion magazine cover page. That would give more option to play around with the Photoshop.


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