Assignment 4: Critical appraisal of the feedback

I was eagerly waiting for the feedback, and I promptly received it on 27th May. I was very happy with the feedback and have taken in consideration the points raised by the tutor. It is the best learning opportunity and makes me realise the areas to focus on.

After the feedback, I researched on Benson and Hedges advertisement campaign mentioned by my tutor It is definitely an interesting concept. I can only images how innovative and difficult it must have been to implement something of that sort in absence of today’s technology.

Right under the heading “Feedback on Assignment” my tutor has mentioned, You justify the practical reasons but do not discuss where the idea developed from or would a commercial magazine consider using such an image and technique and why?”  In the beginning of the assignment 4 document (Page 6, para 1) I have mentioned the following Mid October 2011, promos and adverts of George Clooney’s movie “The IDES of March” were out. The poster had caught my attention, and I had bookmarked the idea for the assignment 4. I have taken the concept of “Divided face” from this poster however; the magazine cover design is targeted towards the parents and children. I have used the imaginary name “Nurture”. This answers how the idea developed. However, my tutor has pointed it correctly that I have missed out on discussing the point of commercial viability. Frankly speaking, I have not seen any magazine that has such surrealistic cover page. I also do not have exposure in the field of marketing to judge the buyer’s response. From artistic point of view, I feel it is an attractive cover page that is different from standard magazine covers. Probably that is why it has capability of standing out from the crowd, and grab buyer’s attention. However, I am very flexible and go buy what client requirement is. Hence, if the editor/client says that this sort of surrealistic approach will not appeal to the market then, I would be adaptable to make the required changes.


According to my tutor I have used style somewhat similar to Trompe-l’œil. I will be honest; I had no idea of this style. I have done a Google search for the style and got many results, click on the link to see the images: accessed on 31/5/2012

As mentioned in my assignment the whole idea had developed after seeing the poster of George Clooney’s movie. I feel a magazine cover with subtle but definite surrealism quality will surely attract viewer’s attention and lure them into buy the magazine.

I completely agree with my tutor’s technical feedback about the shading of the blue border and the shadow of the fingers. I have incorporated both the points in the modified version of the cover page and posting it here for the comparison.  Though these are very minor changes, they surely impact the look of the magazine and enhance the 3D feel.

aaa Before After
aaa Assignment-4 Assignment-4-Modified

I also completely agree about the blown out details of the glass. I wonder how, I managed to overlook the imperfection here. I have also corrected this mistake in the modified version. See the image above.

There is a suggestion to make a minor improvement to the “Exercise 23 Alteration”. I will incorporate this feedback and add it to the exercise separately. I have also noted the point about keeping the presentation simple, and will go back to my previous style that puts more emphasis on the photography.

Overall all the comments have been very educative, and I look forward to the further suggested reading and viewing. I have been updating my physical learning log from time to time and the whole journey through the assignments and the feedback process has been really enjoyable.

Click here to see the Assignment 4 submission.


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