Assignment 5 submission

I took more than anticipated time to complete this assignment due to various reasons. However finally on 14th July 2012 I emailed my tutor the assignment and then went for a holiday with my family.

Assignment 5 is the final assignment for the course Digital Photographic Practices. I was required to use all the knowledge acquired through this course. That means in general, I would be displaying my pre-planning, workflow, editing and presentation skills to complete the project. While working on the Assignment 3, I had discussed the possible subjects for the final Assignment with my tutor. This time it did not take too long for me to decide on the theme. There were 3 choices. Out of which I chose  a photo story on my Father-in-law (not uncommon but something closer to my heart). This project has a personal feel to it. I had also been thinking of capturing the time spent with my father-in-law. He is 86 years old now. In general, he is in good health, but the old age has started to take its toll. I really want my kids to have some happy memories of the grand father. Hence, I decided to work on this subject.

I am uploading some documents associated with the Assignment 5.


  • A gallery of photographs submitted for the assignment


Photo Gallery


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