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My interest in photography was discovered very late in life. But as they say, “it is never too late to live your passion”. That is the reason, why I have enrolled in the OCA BA (Hons) Photography degree. I plan to use this blog to record my progress in the course.

My passion for travel and photography has given me many opportunities to explore different countries and their cultures. I sincerely believe a successful photograph is achieved only when you are able to evoke the same emotions in your photo that you experienced in person. I also favor simplicity and clean lines.

I hope the elegance of my photographs inspire you to visit the places and experience more. The interplay of environment and culture fascinates me the most and I hope its dynamic beauty is reflected in my work. For me a photograph is not just about that one shot but it is about thoroughly knowing your subject and bringing out the character.

I have lived in Africa, Australia and Europe before finally settling down in Singapore. Over the years, my family has learnt to be patient with me, as I am sure at times my request to wait at a spot, just to get that one shot must be quite annoying. Probably I can take this opportunity to thank my most supportive husband (who is also my biggest critic) and two kids.

I would highly appreciate if you can leave a comment. Your feedback can help me in developing further.

To see more of my work kindly visit or click on the “LENSTRAIL” tab above.


One thought on “Know Me

  1. My cousin and I had been debating this topic, he is generally looking to show me wrong. Your view on this is fantastic and exactly how I really think. I just sent him this web site to demonstrate him your point of view. After browsing around your site I book-marked and will be back to read your new posts!

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